Boswellin® Super

Boswellin® Super is obtained from the gum exudate of Boswellia serrata trees commonly known as Frankincense.

Salient features
100% natural
No preservatives
No excipients
Established safety

Efficacy of Boswellin® Super

Alleviates knee pain in rheumatoid arthritis

Boswellia serrata extract is a traditional remedy for joint health with an anti-inflammatory effect. The effect of Boswellin® Super on reducing knee pain was investigated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Patients with knee pain were assigned to receive either Boswellin® Super or placebo as one capsule daily for 8 weeks (Majeed et al., 2016).

Compared with baseline, the Boswellin® Super group patients showed significant improvements in the knee pain parameters such as Visual Analog Scale (VAS), Japanese Knee Osteoarthritis Measure (JKOM), and Western Ontario & Mc Master Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) scores after 8 weeks of the intervention. The Boswellin® Super group patients also showed low serum hyaluronic acid levels than the placebo group (Majeed et al., 2016).

Measured values of JKOM total score, WOMAC total score and blood tests

ItemUnitGroupWeek 0Week 4Week 8
VASmmBoswellin® Super68.8 (12.1)34.4 (23.8)35.6 (22.3)
Placebo71.8 (10.3)41.8 (24.2)39.6 (27.3)
JKOM total scorePointBoswellin® Super48.3 (13.0)39.4 (11.0)38.8 (12.1)
Placebo48.5 (11.8)39.5 (8.2)36.4 (6.9)
WOMAC total scorePointBoswellin® Super23.7 (16.7)14.3 (13.3)12.7 (14.2)
Placebo24.0 (15.9)14.6 (11.4)9.8 (8.8)
Hyaluronic acidng/mLBoswellin® Super18.8 (14.3)15.9 (6.4)18.4 (8.9)
Placebo24.8 (24.8)50.3 (101.4)42.9 (66.8)
High sensitivity CRPng/mLBoswellin® Super0.03 (0.03)0.05 (0.10)0.04 (0.05)
Placebo0.09 (0.14)0.04 (0.05)0.05 (0.07)

Data expressed as Mean SD

Improve pain and joint function in non-rheumatic osteoarthritis condition

NILIN SR is a bilayered tablet formulation containing 272 mg Boswellin® (40% AKBBA) with 250 mg curcumin C3® complex (curcuminoids) and 100 mg gingerol (35%). In a 56 days study with 32 subjects (aged 40-65 years) who are having clinically diagnostic osteoarthritis of the knee, but no other rheumatologic conditions, showed a significant reduction in WOMAC scores in respect to all the three parameters; pain (P<0.0001), stiffness (P<0.0001) and physical disability (P<0.0001). Further, a significant reduction in the pain visual analogue score, improvement in 6-minute walk distance and HsCRP levels were also observed upon the supplementation with NILIN™ SR tablets (twice a day) (Natarajan and Majeed, 2012).


Inhibitory effects of compounds 1-4, synthesis in HL-60 cells